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Variational principles of mechanics - The Lanczos To.

Title: Variational principles of mechanics
Author: The Lanczos To.
Category: Physics
Type: The Book
Date: 23.10.2008 21:34:55
Popularity: 965
Description: Books on the grounds of mechanics, the Russian language is not so much, although the interest of the reader to the topic is huge. The Book "Variational principles of mechanics" , Cornelius Lanczos to attract readers a kind of a statement, in which the author of the attention is paid not the formal side of the question, and clarity, integrity and mutual penetration and influence of ideas and concepts. Some unexpected interpretations proposed by the author, may seem interesting also and experts, as a basis for the book served as the lectures, which were read by the author at the university post-graduate studies.
Book with pleasure read all mathematically educated readers who are interested in the foundations of mechanics and physics.
Size: 2.85

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